Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Dear men in the world of personal ads,

It's creepy when you advertise for a personal slave.

You say race doesn't matter, but you make sure you list yours.

You say you are attractive and athletic, but include a shirtless picture of yourself where your dickdo is glowing and round. Athletic boys don't have a dunlap.

the animated picture you included of kissy lips scream, "I'm a pussy"

What, may I ask, is a "true indian girl"??

Advertising in the personal ads that you need to get married right now so you can get a green card and open a restraunt may not be such a good idea.

A girl friend with benifits who recieves a monthly allowance is just another whore.

And eew to the orgasm offers. just, EEW.


jen said...

I feel bad laughing, but geez!! Where do these guys come from???

Ginamonster said...

Oh no, laugh. Apparently, although they may come from elsewhere, they reside in San Diego.

It's a paradise full of assholes.