Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nail Biter

I was a nail biter as a child. chomp, chomp, I'd bite until there was nothing there. Sometimes I'd go too far and bleed, but I just couldn't stand having any sort of fingernail even though I wanted to have them. My Seester had pretty nails. So did my cousin. But I, was a biter. chomp chomp. (dirty habit!)

Fast forward to Jr High when I read in a teen magazine that boys like long nails. Painted. At that point I decided that if I was ever going to have a boyfriend, I needed to drop some bad habits. Like, biting my nails. So, being the determined person I am, I stopped biting my nails. And I painted them . And I made sure that the boy I liked saw my long pretty red nails.

He still wasn't interested. Teen Magazine lied to me.

I never took up being a nail biter again and maintained pretty nice ones up until massage school. They all got cut off for cleanliness and non scratchy reasons. They stayed that way until I retired and decided I could afford fake nails.  I loved my fake nails, but the cost was prohibitive and I decided I couldn't afford them any more after awhile. Whew. Run on.

Lately, I've been keeping them somewhere in between; just over the tips of my fingers unless they got too raggedy. BTW, I don't file my nails. it grosses me out.

For some reason, last night, I decided any nails at all was just dirty and nasty. I'm sure it had something to do with getting hamburger under there but suddenly, I felt like this:

Off they went. shudder.

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