Monday, August 13, 2012


I've never had a fluffernutter sandwich. My first introduction to marshmallow fluff was at my neighbor Marcia's house where we ate it on saltine crackers as an afternoon snack. Once. I'm sure the substance came into our house periodically, as my mom made fudge during Christmas every year, but I never ate any. I LOVED the salty-sweet snack but never had it again. In fact, I think I had marshmallow fluff (alone, not mixed into a dish) again just last night when I made the following...

Fluffernutter Ice Cream!

I used this recipe from Pioneer Woman's suite of blogs. I don't know if it is delicious yet, although my house smelled of custard and peanut butter by the time I was done. I love working with peanut butter. I licked the beater. Here's what I learned:

premeasuring really helps.
I have the ice cream maker attachment for my Kitchen Aid mixer and there was a little too much batter in there once I added the fluff. So I pulled the whole shebang apart and stirred in the fluff on my own. it might be clumpy.
I love the whisk attachment on my stick blender.

I may have to try a fluffernutter sandwich now that I have an open jar of fluff. I'm not sure how that will taste on my little whole grain sandwich thins, so I may have to buy some white bread. Which means there is probably french toast in the future.

I love food.

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