Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Blackberry Ice Cream

I might have mentioned a couple of posts ago that I have been having all sorts of fun with ice cream. I'm not sure if I remembered to share the recipes or not so I thought I would take up some time doing so.

The first ice cream I ever made was vanilla. I thought it was a bit eggy but my mom loved it (or said she did). I don't know what happened to that recipe.

Then I started in on Sorbets which are all sorts of fun and delicious and I even made a sugar free strawberry using splenda. It was a little too sweet so I think if I ever do that again, I shall use less splenda. I don't know what happened to that recipe either.

Then the ice cream maker went into storage because I moved to Nevada and many years passed before I started playing with it again. By many, I mean like, 5. I've lived in Nevada for 5 years. That freaks me out a bit.

Anyhow, when I was gifted several weeks ago with some blackberries, I decided to make blackberry ice cream using this recipe. I LOVE me some Pioneer Woman. I don't care where she gets her recipes (I was once approached on Twitter regarding her mashed potatos) I enjoy trying them and she presents everything in a funny and personable way. And she tells good stories and takes pretty pictures.

It came out delicious. I added a good half a bag of chocolate chips and they all sunk to the bottom. I highly recommend if you are going to add chocolate chips to ice cream that you throw them in the blender first. Add chocolate slivers instead of chips.

I ate most of the blackberry ice cream.  I have more blackberries. You figure out the rest.

With the leftover egg whites, I made meringues using this recipe. I added fresh lemon zest (from the lemon I used for the ice cream!) to the sugar and ta da!! I had lemon meringues. So clever am I. Meringues are delicious. use superfine sugar though, as directed because the NEXT time I made them, they were gritty.

At some point, I put the ice cream on a meringue and I'm pretty sure that if heaven has a flavor, it's blackberry ice cream on a lemon meringue.

More ice cream goodness to come...

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