Monday, August 27, 2012

I draw the line HERE

I am very open about my love of all things mason jar. I like to use them for canning things. (I learned that last year!) and for storing things (great for soup and milk in the freezer!!) and for drinking out of. The tiny ones fit one serving of juice to be taken and consumed at work. (I can also freeze those single servings since I can rarely get through a half gallon of juice before it goes bad) the bigger ones hold soup. Nothing leaks. Nothing spills.

I drink koolaide and cocktails, iced coffee and tea. Sometimes, I don't even know why I have regular glasses except that sometimes I have company and my friends are not as enamored as I am.

I know. they're popular right now. I don't really care. I'll still be drinking out of mason jars after everyone else is done with them. You can take the girl out of the country, but lets face it, I'm a hillbilly at heart.

Since I am decluttering, I've pretty much gotten rid of all the old random jars I was keeping to put stuff in. I buy mason jars anyway. I use them for everything, I may as well just use those. The "mason jars" with handles? they're all ready for garage sale or donation. Someone else can love those. Plus, they aren't heat safe, which is why I have three, not four of them.

Today, however, on, I saw something that made me want to cry a little.

Mason Jars. glued to candle sticks to make them in to goblets.


Lets stop trying to make a spade into a  silver gravy ladle. It's an effin shovel. Go ahead and drink your margarita or wine out of a jar. Gluing a base to it does NOT make it a goblet. I get it. It's mildly funny. And I might have been more amused if I hadn't seen a set of red solo cups glued to those same candle sticks at a garage sale last weekend.

Not my garage sale. this one was so big I couldn't compete.

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