Friday, August 24, 2012

Little Bliss List

It's been a couple of weeks since I have joined in the little bliss. To be brutally honest, it's been a little hard to find bliss that didn't start and end with my dog. I left the space on Fridays open because I expected to have something, and then, Thursday being a generally difficult day for me, I just didn't have anything when the time came. I should have posted about the dog anyway because being greatful lifts me up.

So, here is my list of things that made me smile this week:

1. I made apple butter from free apples I got at work! My coworker is bringing more and I'll be making enough to share. She's also going to bring me some peaches. I love summer and I love free fruit!
2. That dog. He's adorable. Since my couch is still covered in crafting, I've been sitting on the floor more and we both love the opportunity to lay next to each other. Plus, I have plenty of access to his ticklish feet. If you have never tickeled a dog's feet, you're missing out. The facial expressions are priceless.
3. Garage sailing was awesome last weekend! I didn't bring very much home (this is a good thing) in fact, I passed up a $20 piano (I was tempted, but it broke the rules. Where would I put it? how would I get it home?) but I walked at least 6 miles and spent a lot of quality time with Ms Jackie (Wifey's twin).
4. ACTUALLY Ms invited me over to hang on Friday night too! I love to be invited. in my mind, invited = wanted. even if I can't go, the invitation is appreciated with all my heart. I DID go though and we played games and ate fresh cookies and talked about scary things that make a person want to go hide. Yup, we discussed... STDs. I threatened to glue my hooha shut.
5. I got to play with Ms J's chickens. Birds always bring me joy. I love the feel of their feathers.

That's all I have for now. But it's a lot. And even more because it's actually Thursday and I am feeling happy. Which is another thing to be greatful for.


Lori said...

So glad that you found a little bliss this week.

Ginamonster said...

MEEE TOOO! Thank you. :)