Thursday, August 09, 2012

Ice Cream Again?

I love cinnamon ice cream. It reminds me of afternoons in Julian, CA with my friends checking out the stores and nibbling on cinnamon coated pie crust. Drinking hot tea and enjoying the clash of the hot tea and cold ice cream. It reminds me of blooming daffodils and sweet mountain air. I love Julian. there is nothing around here quite like it.

Since a trip there is expensive, I decided to make my own damn cinnamon ice cream. I figured that I could just take the custard recipe from the blackberry ice cream and add cinnamon.

Not one to stop while I can add something else, I decided that this would be a good time to use the vanilla sugar I had been infusing for... A long time. I meant to make marshmallows out of it, but I kept chickening out. To make vanilla sugar, I did the following:

Took a vanilla bean that I didn't use quick enough so it dried out. Broke it into pieces.
Filled a large mason jar with white sugar.
add bean parts. put a lid on it. shake.
leave in the pantry. shake whenever I remember. Consider for a year or so what to do with it.

Strain out the beans when you use the sugar. Put them back in the jar.

The ice cream. I added ground cinnamon. I put in cinnamon sticks. I used vanilla sugar instead of regular.

It smelled just like a snickerdoodle. I love snickerdoodles. What a happy accident! I thought it was pretty good.

Once again, I used the egg whites to make meringues. I had to cut the lemon sugar with regular so they weren't as lemony. And, as I mentioned before, I didn't use fine sugar so they were gritty. Although I ate a lot of them, they weren't as good this time. I thre a lot away.

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