Thursday, August 30, 2012

Crap! I ran out of preposted posts!

I've been kind of busy. I know, excuses, excuses. I'm sure I will have more neurosis soon though, my birthday is almost here. and September always freaks me out a bit. Not because of my birthday, but because it tends to be a month of drama. I wrote about it, but then it sounded all negative and I'm feeling pretty darn positive lately.

It really helps that my birthday present to myself this year is epically wonderful. I'm going to be vague because I don't want to be all gung ho and then fall off. I do that. Fall off. A lot. I don't want to this time.

Today I want to talk about yesterday. Yesterday I had time between work and a board meeting and so I thought, "Hey! I'm going to go to the bar!" One drink. I'm not the kind of person who really goes to bars alone but I know a couple of the owners, they are nice guys, and one drink doesn't equal a problem.

Actually, after the heavy drinking I did last year (Dude. the Dr checked my liver with my thyroid. I must have been drinking a lot) I think the alcoholic gene might have skipped me. Which is good. I will still watch myself.

ANYWAY, I planned to go to the bar after work. But I went to the craft store instead. I picked up the item I needed, and looked for more items I needed. All in all, I spent a good hour there just wandering around. At least, it felt like an hour. Since I couldn't find the other item I needed, and I didn't find anything else I "needed", I left. Having bought 2 things. A cake decorating tip for $1 and some Almond Roca because I didn't want to put $1 on my debit card.

WIN!! Do you know how strange it was for me to go through a craft store looking at stuff and going, "don't need that, don't need that, don't need that either". It actually felt better than acquiring things. Next step? Get rid of all the things. I still haven't had my garage sale.

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