Friday, March 02, 2012

A very little bliss list

It isn't that I have not experienced bliss this week. I have. I spent time with my derby wife. I went to the movies. I shared hot chocolate with a sick friend.

But there was one shining moment this week where everything fell away and my heart sang.

At the end of yesterday, I was a bit cranky. Its been a tough and demanding couple of weeks at work and while I have tried REALLY hard to maintain a good attitude, there have been moments when I have shut my mouth and headed into the breakroom for another cup of coffee.

Yesterday, I went to open my car door, thinking about what I needed to do last night and how I was going to get my good attitudes back when a tiny snowflake landed right before my eyes. Suddenly the world was better. My crankiness melted  away as quickly as that little star.

I was 30 before I saw my first snowflake. In my late 20s before I saw snow falling from the sky for the first time. We just don't have that in San Diego. I never knew there were many kinds of snow. From the tiny balls I call Charlie Brown Snow to the chunks of ice crystals that usually blanket my world.

I like the snow. I don't like driving in it, but I like the sound it makes when it falls. I like to wake up to a pristine white landscape. I like the tiny cold kisses it lays on my cheeks.

I love a snowflake. To me they are like a shower of tiny stars sent from the universe. I'll never forget my first one. I always hope to see more. Yesterday, I think I got two before they changed to ice clumps. But one was enough. One was just what I needed and perfect.

I think I forgot to mention why I go this. I'm pretty sure I have mentioned Liv Lane. Each week she posts a list of happy things and invites her readers to do the same and to link from her blog. This exercize has one wonders for me and for my attitude. Liv is a very positive person who is living her dream. She inspires me to make mine come true too.


Barbara said...

snow always makes my list when it's falling from the sky too.
Thanks for sharing.

Michele Bergh said...

Love your list! The snow was so pretty as it fell. I ended up stuck in it the next day but all was fine in the end. Thank you for sharing your list!

Jennifer Richardson said...

I love how that one magic moment of
bliss enough to set our hearts
to singing!
"charlie brown snow"....:)
so much to love here!
more of those joyful moments
to you,