Monday, March 05, 2012

More cryptic posts

I have been holding something (ok, many things) back today and its been really really hard and I will consider talking about it when I know what is going on.

Just know that the universe is stirring my cauldron and well, I hope to have a clue as to why tomorrow evening. We all know I stir my own cauldron just fine. I get things all spinny and frothy and worked up, and then I remind myself that I really prefer calm waters and to knock it off because whatever it is is all in my head. And then I am fine until I get a little dehydrated again.

The moral of the story is to drink plenty of water, kids.

Just know that right now, for myself, I am praying for wisdom and poise. And that is the best I can do with it. This time, it really is the Universe doing weird things and I have to go along with it because when the universe talks, its better to listen.

In other news I am starving. And if someone doesn't feed me a slab of meat or a sausage or a meatball soon I might chew my arm off. I don't know why. I had breakfast. I had lunch. At least I am not craving whoopie pies. Or cupcakes. Nope, its the savory I want.

Send cheeseburgers. With bacon. protein style. I don't want to be bothered with bread right now. Actually, just send a cow. I will gnaw on it's leg or something.

I drew you a picture. I was proud of it. but I'm afraid you won't be able to see it until blogger lets me upload PDF files. Or until I can save it at home. There's no solid fix for my computer in sight...

Later... (like 5 minutes later)

I just took the pencil out of my hair because it was in so tight my scalp has a dent in it. Right obove my dent is what feels like a pencil induced curl. These things only happen at work. I might have to have Debby or Bratty look at the back of my head so I know how funny looking it is.

If I am craving meat like I am craving meat that means that the next step MAY be monsterous ugly migraine because I haven't been eating enough protein. Shit.


Sensei said... is your friend.

Ginamonster said...
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Ginamonster said...

I don't think I can go there at work, but I will try