Sunday, March 04, 2012

Lentils, lentils, everywhere

D used to tease me that if he cut off my arm, rolled tacos would fall out. Or Potstickers. Or...

Truth is, that in addition to being a disorderly eater, I am also a binge eater. Yes. I over eat, but that isn't actually what I mean.

I mean that I find something I like and then I eat very little else until I don't want to eat that any more.

Which is why I no longer buy frozen pretzles. Except sometimes when I am at the grocery and I happen to remember that I really like the cheese filled bite sized ones. Yum.

Lucky for the size of my butt, I don't really remember very often that I like those when I am at the grocery store. Actually, I had forgotten all about them until I said "frozen pretzles" right up there about 5 seconds ago. For you. I am not that fast of a typist. It was 30 seconds ago for me.

Over the last couple of months since I decided to make a bigger effort to eat healthier and in a more orderly fashion (I think I just heard the girl scout cookies six inches from my left hand snort in a derisive manner) I have been cooiking a lot of soup.

I'm not much of a soup eater, normally, but I do seem to like the soup I make. I know how to make two. Butternut Squash and Lentil. I end up with a lot of leftovers. You can't cook just one or two servings of soup. There are cups and cups of soup. And a serving is like 1/2 a cup. Or 1 cup. It's just me. My freezer tends to be full of soup.

Luckily, chicken and rice, fish and rice, and um, that's all the else I cook, also freeze up nicely and I can generally have a couple of weeks worth of lunches from one or two dinners. You would be amazed at how many lunches I can create out of one chicken breast. In addition to the dinner.

This week I realized that I am tired of lentil soup. I think I still have several more lunches out of it and I JUST bought more lentils the other night. They are cheap and filling. It's a good thing they last awhile in the cabinet. I wish right now that they didn't get so hot in the microwave. ow.

I really need to branch out my cooking.


Sensei said...

Like you, I am making more of somethign than I would consume myself.

About 6 months ago, I found a recipe for making rum in a video game. It was a pirate game on in the buried treasure was this recipe.

I made it, to see if it worked. It did. Sugar, water, and yeast. And two weeks. = INSTANT RUM!

It makes really good pina coladas.

But, then I checked the interweb for new ideas. I found out that the yeast converts the sugar to alcohol. So, I started experimenting with things that have sugar in them to see how they convert to alcohol.

Sodas...they convert well enough, but the taste is nasty beyond nasty. juice, coconut juice andgrape juice work well. I heard orange juice makes a good liquer, but I haven't tried it. The key is to use 100% pure water. Finally, I tried honey.

Now, I focus on hard cider, coconut brew, and honey mead. And I am very good at it. But, like you, I am making far more than I can consume, since I am allergic to alocohol and need to limit myself to one drink per day.

Michele Bergh said...

I love your post! I'm very curious about the instant rum now...I tend to do the same thing with food. If I make a salad, I'll make a huge batch of it and eat it for every meal for days until its gone. If I haven't gotten my fill, I'll make some more and do the same thing all over again! Homemade salsa is another thing I'll make a ton of and eat it all until it's gone and then maybe make some more. lol now I want salad and salsa. Dilemma...

Sensei said...

I had the steps laid out, then realized I might be liable for someone making something and coming after me for giving bad advice.

Do a search online for brewing mead. You will find the instructions. Just replace the honey with sugar.

Michele Bergh said...