Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Passing out the goodies

My boss is in town today. I don't see her very often. I like her. She has this amazing energy. 

This afternoon, she stopped by our cube. And at some point, right after I fed her some chocolate,s he smiled really big and handed me her phone. she wanted to see an email she had received. She was happy because one of my coworkers had complemented her. had thanked her for her support. She shared that moment with me, which was awesome and something clicked in my head.

You see, as an underling, I really appreciate when my supervisors tell me I am doing a good job. More than a paycheck, it is this that validation that makes me want to go to work. 

I have forgotten that I would do well to remember to pass it up sometimes. It's so easy to forget that my managers and supervisors have a tough job. And that they need to know when they are doing right by me.

I'm going to try harder to be more thankful. Maybe you could do the same today.

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