Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Cryptic posts decyphered

Did I spell that right? I never can tell.

I got a message the other day from the Cowboy. That's right. That one. The message said that he had an undeniable urge to see me. That he couldn't explain it but that it would do his soul good to see me.

I agreed. I can't ignore something like that. it would be ignoring the very loud voice of the universe. Sometimes the messages are garbled up in the daily grind. This time, it couldn't be more clear.

I can't say that it didn't throw me for a loop. He broke my heart and I still miss him sometimes. We had good times. But I didn't want to go through again what I went through with T. I'm not an idiot. It hurt. I would be lying though if I didn't admit that I've been looking for a similar connection in every guy I've dated since. Only, you know, with someone who wanted to be with me.

Even though I said we could still be friends, I didn't try very hard and it didn't take long for us to fade out of each others lives.

Fast forward a bit and I sent him a  facebook friend request. he accepted. There have been a couple of times that I have wondered if that was a wise decision, especially between the moment I hit send and it took a bit for him to respond and the point in which I got a response. We didn't really communicate so it was ok. It was nice to see little glimpses of his successes. I've been so proud of him for what he has accomplished. then he sent me the message.

So we met. and had a drink. Well, I had a soda. I didn't need the added difficulty of alcohol. I didn't know how the meeting would go, but it was good. we caught up. we talked about our dogs. We talked about our houses. About our businesses. maybe we might have dinner or catch a movie sometime.

It's good to know I have my friend again.

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