Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A couple of things that opened my eyes

While looking for a picture of my beloved goat Cody, I happened across some old posts. And wow. I sure did share a lot in the beginning. Things that I probably should have kept to myself. Things I had forgotten that I felt. And while I would never go back and delete those posts, I think I am glad I have learned to keep certain things to myself. Its been a hard lesson. I know that I have said things that have hurt people, even though that was never ever my intention. I know that I have shared things that were better kept private. Or, at least just between myself and the person of whom I was writing.
But I suppose that I can accept the difference between the me who is now and the me who was then. I hope I have reined it in a bit. Not for you, although there have probably been a few over-shares over the years, but for me and the people I care about. There have been many times in the last couple years where I have really really needed to talk it out. And here is the place I would have gone, once upon a time to talk about those things. Over the last year, I have had moments where I didn't know I could feel so alone. I have had ups and downs and all arounds. If I had bared it all, I would have lost so much more than I could have gained. So I decided instead to focus on joyful things. Those are the things that pulled me through. That and the reminder that no matter where I go, so go my issues and troubles. And that we all have issues. We all have ups and downs and all arounds. Sometimes we feel all alone. And then a friend comes knocking on the door unexpectedly for no other reason than to say hello.

I just needed to get that out.

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