Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My new favorite game

You might be able to call it a dream since someday, it will come true. Sort of.

It's called, "If I had a personal assistant". I played it all day yesterday. It evolved a little.

For example I was thinking that instead of a personal assistant I could just have a clone. But then I thought my clone might try and get in on my hot man lovin and since she'd be my replica, well, I don't even want to think about all that so it would be better if I didn't have a personal assistant who was my clone. What if she were nicer? Better? More adventurous?

BUT I could have a robot twin. Robot twins are not interested in honing in on your sexy rumpus.

SO if I had a personal asisstant, (S)he (I'm not sexist. I could totally have a male robot twin.) that personal assistant could have gone to the Apple store yesterday FOR me while I was busy bringing home the bacon.

All that thought and anguish over one run on sentence. But I'm sure I will come up with more tasks for my robot twin.

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