Friday, February 03, 2012

A Little Bliss List for you

y'all know I love me some Liv Lane. If I haven't told you before that I love her, I'm telling you now. She... Inspires me to be better in so many ways.

Every Friday, she has a linky party for people who want to share their bliss. As you know, I am trying to be more joyful and the first Friday I was able to participate in her comments. Last week, I was having trouble finding my happy place. This week I am doing better. So here it is, my blissful moments from this week:

1. After practice Denny's on Monday. Last week, I was invited by a couple of new derby folks to join them at Denny's after practice. I gave an excuse and went home. The trouble is, I do that a lot and it was VERY KIND of them to invite me. I don't get invited out very often. This week, I invited myself along and spent a couple of hours getting to know some new people.

2. Debby's socks. Debby works in the cube next to us and she is absolutely special. In a non condescending way. Somehow we started talking about socks and how it's fun to wear goofy ones. I showed her mine, (black with a yellow band at the top and yellow heels and toes) so she showed me her's.Same socks only in blue. I loved her a little more that day.

3. I got to see my Mom. Just for a little while, but every moment is precious and refreshing and wonderful. So did I also get to see my Aunts and Uncles and well, time with my family refreshes me like nothing else.


Barbara said...

sometimes I need to force myself to go out with new people. It's very intimidating, but very rewarding to get to know new people.
Thanks for sharing your list. I enjoyed it.

Christie said...

Great list! I do have to force myself to go out and meet people too. Yay for you actually doing it! Woo hoo!

Phoenix Peacock said...

Yay for finding your bliss this week and pushing past your comfort zone to go out with new friends