Sunday, February 26, 2012

Counting my blessings instead of sheep

I think we all know that I have had some anxiety lately. We also know, after all these years, that i go through these phases and come out on the other side where everything is all better. So I'm really just kind of fighting through my issues this time until everything is all better again. And whew, boy, am I ever fortunate to be living my life.

I was inspired to write after reading another FB post from an old friend to whom difficult cards have been dealt. It isn't because she has made bad choices. At all. She just doesn't have it easy. One son is autistic, and the other severely disabled. Of the sort where he needs around the clock care. And still she does it. Her husband is often deployed and her mom, her greatest support and rock (and mother figure to so many of us choir geeks) passed away almost a year ago.

Yet still she carries on. Her faith in God is such that it carries her through.If she ever complains, she doesn't do it in public and that is so admirable. Sure, she talks about what she is going through, but it isn't in a manner in which she asks for anything different, just, "here is how it is right now." I really really admire her for that. for all of it. I think about the teenagers that we were together and am so amazed at the woman she has become.

And so, at this late hour, if I can't go right to sleep, as has been the norm the last few nights, i will think of her. Of her strength, of her faith, and how no matter what life throws at her, she feels blessed every day. And I'll remember, even if its just tonight, to count my blessings.

I really am so, so blessed. Even when I am scrubbing puppy poo off the walls I am blessed. When my knees hurt and the bunny stinks, I am blessed. When the computer craps out and I'm not sure how I will afford a new one and a new car, I am blessed. All those things that stress me out. That wake me up and keep me up at 2 am on a weeknight, they are minor. They will go away.

This too shall pass.

My cup runnith over. So blessings to you too.

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