Sunday, February 05, 2012

In which your happiness brings me happiness

Bratty Duke earned a free pair of shoes thorough her favorite shoe website's shoe referral program.

Bratty loves shoes.

Sadly, shoes can be an expensive habit and she is a responsible individual who knows that her chilren have to eat before she can have new shoes. I'm taking lessons from her.

So, when she got notification that she earned a free pair of shoes, there was a lot of squealing and giggling from the other side of the cube. You know, 3 feet away. Her happiness made me smile. And laugh. Because her joy brings me joy. It's perpetual like that.

It also made me want to go buy some shoes so she could earn more shoes but I'm afraid that is not a wise course of action. I already have an unacceptable shoe pile where I used to see carpet and more shoes is not going to fix that. Plus, there's something going on with my bank account and I shouldn't spend money until I can access my account which I am currently locked out of because they did some sort of conversion and I thought they would TEXT me my new password not have the computer call me (phone was in the other room) and I couldn't start over. I think I need more coffee.

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