Tuesday, February 28, 2012

An answered prayer

I believe, that when we ask for what we want, be it from ourselves or from the universe or from God, however it is that you ask, that we get it. This is why I stopped making wishes. It isn't that I don't believe in them, the trouble is that I wholeheartedly DO. And as such, my wishes have often come true (eventually) but not always how I thought I wanted them to.

One has to be VERY specific with the universe.

So the other night, I tried to form my prayer for my friend in a manner that would help her without hurting anyone. It wasn't easy because while I can ask all day for a cure for her son, I know that it is possible that it's too much to ask for. Her boys are with her for a reason and I believe that it's because she is the best mother they could have.

Don't get me wrong, I still asked for a cure for whatever ails her younger son. That he would wake up one day and be all better from whatever it is that causes him to be disabled.

But if I couldn't have that, I wished for her to have a little bit of a break.

Yesterday she posted on FB that the boys were going to school for the first time in a long time and that she was going back to bed for a little while to catch up on lost sleep from being up all night with her son.

I almost cried. Coincidence? Probably. But I don't care. My prayer was answered. I am grateful.

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