Friday, January 23, 2009

That's what it's there for

Several months ago, I noticed a need among my Derby League. There were a couple of girls who would occasionally fall upon hard times and need a little assistance. Single moms. Young people. Generally broke ass bitches. Sometimes, you just need a little help.

So I started a food closet for Derby Girls with the open invitation that any girl needing a little food, TP, soap, whatever, could pull a little out and not have to worry about food while she worried about other things.

Although they don’t know it (contacting the other leagues in town can be tricky) the closet is open to any Derby Girl who needs food. It’s stocked on donations from the other girls in the league and sometimes, from outside sources as well.

I am amazed every time I open those cabinets, how quickly they filled up. It isn’t just me putting the occasional box of Mac and Cheese in there.

So all the girls have to do, really, is let me know they need something, and they can come over and get stuff. No one else really has to know. I received a message yesterday asking for a bag from the closet for a newer girl. Single mom, she’s been with us for less than a month.

I was happy to bring her a bag full of stuff, with extra minding for what her son might like to eat.

It’s not what she was expecting when she was told I had some “paperwork” for her after practice last night.

The tears in her eyes told me that she never expected such a gift from a woman who could barely remember her name. (I’m bad, I know. It takes me awhile)

At that moment I knew I had done the right thing in gathering the food. It doesn’t take up any cabinets I would be using; those ones are at ceiling height. It didn’t hurt me to take 5 minutes to put a bag together.

Such a little bit of effort for such a big smile of a reward. I’m glad to have helped. That’s what it’s there for.


RebTurtle said...

You really are awesome....Not that much has changed over the last 16 years or so!

db grin said...


Two thumbs way up.

tiff said...

It's really so simple, isn't it? Home-grown charity rocks.

Chickie said...

You are a gem. This made me tear up.

lzymzy said...

You make your big seester proud. I'm leaking on your nieces head.

sewitsforyou said...

good job sister. It feels good to help others. What a great idea..