Monday, January 19, 2009

Member of the club

It’s official, and now I have to stick to it. I’m really going to miss pancakes and bacon, but I think as long as it’s an occasional treat instead of a weekly stuff fest, I should be okay.

I figured it out today, 2 pounds a week for 9 weeks will put me at goal. I made a pretty little graph. I offered to send it to B, but he didn’t think he was interested in joining in my neurosis. The important thing is that I asked him to support me in my attempts to lose weight by not tempting me with yummy treats. We have a tendency to go to dinner and cap it off with ice cream or a milk shake. I think that any lifestyle change has to be supported by the people around you. Especially the person you’re dating.

So here it is. The Plan.

I’m going back to one treat per week. That’s sweets, alcoholic beverages, soda. I can only have one. Not one of each, so I will pick wisely. And savor it all the more.

I’ll be eating more fruits and veggies. Less in the breads and pastas, although I have not really been eating too many of those. Brown rice instead of white. I already eat lean meats. Haven’t had a bratwurst in months. Mmm. Bratwurst. Veggies cannot mean gorging myself on carrots either. Apparently, they have a lot of sugar in them. I think I have been pretending they are good for me and that I didn’t know that. No wonder they taste so good…

Smaller portions. No more stuffing myself until I can’t move. I do that a lot. I’m taking in way more than I should.

More exercise! I realize that for most people 4 hours of hard skating a week is a lot. But if I am going to be serious about losing, I need to add a bit more. So I’m pulling out the hula hoop. 15 minutes per day, or at least I will try. Hit the Marina more often, even if not on skates, my friend Dimebag Cheryl has started walking there and it would be fun to join her. I can always grab the dogs and run around with them for a little bit each day. They would certainly like it and maybe they will be too tired to get into the trash.

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