Sunday, January 04, 2009

Go ahead and slap your forehead now

B is dealing with his ex legally; and has told her that unless she makes decisions that are healthy for the kids, he's taking them. It's ugly but I'm proud of him. And wasn't really sure what to say when he told me the 12 year old wants her parents to get back together. Which is NORMAL I know. But it still hurt my feeling a little even though it had nothing to do with me.

The roommate may be on for another month, which is good for my bank account and questionable for my sanity. I have the option of telling her no. But she just saved me all sorts of cash on my phone/internet/cable bill and is looking into saving me more so I am feeling extra friendly. Why, yes, I can be bought with money and compliments! By agreeing, I lose my license to bitch and complain... Which, I can't help but love to bitch and complain but being as that I fell in LOVE with my cousin's WII (even though my MII is fat...) And um...I broke the vacuum. Wore that poor little critter out. It lasted awhile considering it's a $60 walmart vac and I've had it for three years or something; I would recommend it to anyone who doesn't need to vacuum every day. But if I'm gonna have furries, and I too, am furry with all this hair, (on my head, of course) I need a pet vac. And the Dyson has come highly recommended. I found it on sale for $350. Same as the WII at wal mart last night. Ok, the WII wasn't there, but the tag was.

With a Dyson I could get the dog hair off the couch, wouldn't have to buy a slip cover AND I would be able to sit on it again. She's a lot less touchy when she hasn't been drinking.

That would be another month and a half before I can get a pup of mine own. The longer I wait on that the better though.


Chickie said...

The Dyson kicks ass. It will suck the color out of the carpet and does a mean job on Basset Hound hair!

Re: the 12 y.o. Yeah, that is totally normal. I got to hear about that after Sweety & I had been married for 4 or so years. Ouch.

Ginamonster said...

Sweet because there's Latisha hair everywhere!

Heather C. said...

Well, you have seen how well a Dyson has worked on my carpet. At our next meeting, I will even let you play with mine a bit!

I'll give you the full tour!