Sunday, January 18, 2009

Support Groups

I have joined a support group. Or at least applied for entry. Thanks to Chickie, who showed me the way to shrinking piggies where i will be (Oh Please Pick ME!) chronicling my attempts at weightloss. I'm pretty sure I tried to do that once before on my own but THIS time, I will actually have weekly weigh ins and everything. I dug my scale out of the garage but the battery died and since I don't have any money until Thursday (at least) the battery will have to wait. We have a scale at work though. I will be using that. RIGHT IN FRONT OF EVERYBODY. They all think I'm nuts anyway so, oh well.

But any blog with bacon in it's header is a blog I want to be a part of. So, it looks like I will be posting there too. If they let me in the club.

So, why don't I have any money until Thursday, you ask? after all, I get paid every week, right?

Well...I changed banks. And since my bank was two hours away I took my free Saturday last week and drove there to close the account. Apparently, that's a bad thing if you have direct deposit. Oops. If I had thought of that on Thursday, my wonderful friend of what, 18 years? that works at the old bank could have redirected it for me. But I was too late. It got rejected and now I have to wait for payroll to cut me a manual check.

Kinda screws me extra considering the roommate still hasn't paid rent. But she gave me $20 bucks so I could drink Friday night (my two drinks were bought for me so I still have the twenty. sweet!) and another 20 for helping her scrub down a fridge that had survived the fire. (AND she helped me wash my car! it goes fast when there are two people working on it!) I keep telling myself that everything will be fine and as long as I don't run out and buy that skirt that I saw at Hot Topic (It was on clearance, but I can't be spending on that right now!) And I get my dang insurance paid, I should be fine. Excepting he cable and electricity, of course...

And no Randy I won't be cutting my hair or doing anything to my boobs, so my attributes will be fine. I am thinking of offering skate cleaning for derby girls for a small fee. Except Derby girls are notoriously broke...I like taking the skates apart and getting them all clean and pretty though so as soon as I figure out the logistics, I'm going to try. I think I'll get more of a crowd than offering $15 foot and hand rubs which was my other bright idea this week. Every little bit counts. Right?

Everything will be fine...Everything will be fine...Everything will be fine...Everything will be fine...Everything will be fine...Everything will be fine...

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db grin said...

Woot! Yay for support, which is nice to have in all its forms.

I'm familiar with 'notoriously broke,' he's not just a horrible rap star.