Tuesday, July 03, 2007

It's done

I gave notice at my apartment yesterday, and had to pay for an extra day when I won't even be there. I briefly thought about allowing my dad to stay there the couple of days that I will be gone but the place will still be in my name, (how's that for a run-on?) but I realized that it would be complicated and a very bad idea. It's ok to have bad ideas, as long as you don't follow through on them.

I handed bossman my resignation this morning. I took a deep breath, put on my big-girl panties and went for it. It was easier than I thought. I told him the truth of where I am going, and he told me how happy he is for me, as it is an excellent opportunity. I promised to keep in touch.

He won't say anything about me leaving until I am ready. He suggested I wait a week and think about how I want to handle it. It would be easy if not for coworker. I want to tell her because it's who I am, I want to keep it from her to be spiteful. Writing that reminds me that spite is never the right answer. I'm sure the right answer will come to me soon.

Meanwhile, things are moving right along. I gave away my old computer last night to a nice man who was reading my blog when I arrived at his house. That was kind of weird and surreal. Hi Doug. Someone will hopefully be picking up my dresser tonight. I think I want to keep the rest of my furniture.

So much to do. Baby needs to be transferred into her new travel cage, I need to pack and liquidate. I hate packing. I never finished unpacking. Part of me says to just throw away anything that I haven't unpacked. Some of it is still in boxes from when I moved from my mom's. I JUST unpacked all the china. I'm packing it with my blankets this time. And my jackets. I just don't want to deal with newspaper.

There have been questions about my destination.



Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Wow, Reno, I bet that will be great! I can't wait to hear more about where you'll be working and everything! MAN, packing SUCKS! Good idea about the blankets and coats, better than newspapers, I agree!

jootastic said...

Wow, congrats on all fronts!!! Moving is super difficult, I think...but it'll be a fresh start!

DangitDoug said...

Good luck in Reno.

I know we only met once, but I fell you are a very special person and Reno is should be grateful for having you.

I'll keep reading your blog to see how you are doing. Knock em dead, Kiddo!!

May God grant all your wishes.

Doug K

*kb* said...

yikes, you're going to have a REAL winter!! How exciting, it's beautiful up there!!!

sharon said...

wow. big things happening in the land of gina. so proud of you for making this move, for not giving into fear, for recognizing and battling spite (a poisonous thing, spite)... i'm looking forward to reading as all the secrets are revealed ;)

Ginamonster said...

Michelle: yeah, totally sucks. But I'm getting rid of stuff! I have a lot of stuff.

Joolie: Thanks. I'm excited.

Doug: It was nice meeting you too. BTW, any porn on those computers is NOT mine.

KB: That's what I have heard. I have never been there. But a real winter will definately be different for this native San Diegan!

Sharon: I was so excited for you when you embarked on your adventure, I had no idea I would have one of my own less than a year later!

Rich | Championable said...

Dude, this is NUTS. In a totally cool way.

Ginamonster said...

Rich, I couldn't have said it better.