Friday, July 06, 2007

Another one

Another work day where the attitude from outside my department makes me want to tell them all to fuck off and then I leave. But I won't. I mean, I am, but not until it's time.

Coworker is out again today, as was she yesterday, dealing with her life. Which means I still have not told her I am leaving, although the cat is out. I can't very well pretend I will be here when I won't. I hope she is ok, and getting things together for herself. Rumor has it she's out indefinately, but since I didn't hear that from Bossman, I think it's just a rumor. Meanwhile, I have plenty of my own, and also her's to deal with. It wouldn't be so bad if the proceedures on things I used to do hadn't changed while they were in her hands.

7 more days. Well, 7 1/2. I'm trying to stay positive. I can tell that bossman is stressed. Perhaps I will book a massage for the week after I arrive in Reno.

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