Friday, July 06, 2007

An award!

I have recieved two awards now, one from Not so Anonymous Michelle, and the other from Jestertunes. Michelle's, I was, of course, flattered and excited by, but I forgot to post it. I think I will go look through her archives. She made me feel Pop-u-LAR. And loved.

Jester, presenting the following:

really rocked my world. suddenly, I'm in the cool club again! Who will I tag? Probably no one. See, all the blogs I read rock. so perhaps, i will save this award and pass it along when I feel ready. Like any bit of wisdom. In the meantime, to those of you who I read every chance I can (sometimes popping in a couple of times a day, pchef and chickie) thank you for roviding me endless entertainment and comraderie. And to those of you who just lurk or just comment, you rock too.


DangitDoug said...

Congratulations on your well deserved awards. You really do rock. You have inspired me to return to writing. I have been away from it for way too long.

Thanks again.

Doug K

Jester said...

Of course you rock. Of course you're in the cool kids club!


Chickie said...

Woot! Go you!

Ginamonster said...

Thank you doug. I'm always happy when I can inspire.

jester dear, you must realize that I struggled inthe outcast club all through jr High ad high school. Although at some point, the other kids stopped hurting me with their exclusionary ways, I am still elated when I am included. I hope that never goes away because in remembering the feeling of exclusion, I am more likely to include.

Chickie, tee hee.

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your award!! :) I was pretty excited when I got it too, don't we all just love to be in the cool kids club!?!? a haha