Friday, September 29, 2006

Fish Tales

I am blessed with the ability to laugh at myself.

I might have mentioned that purchased and set up a fish tank. Just a little one, but a tank nonetheless. That day last week I took off because I was too tired to drive to work, I picked out some fish while I my oil was being changed. I took them home and named them Molly, Polly, Wally, and Ned.

Ned, being a bully, tore up Molly's fins so he was banished to his own bowl where he proceeded to start a bubble nest in true Beta fashion. Molly, Polly and Wally swam around their 10 g tank all cute like, in true Mollie fashion. Then I noticed that Ned was acting funny. I described his behavior to Biker Bob who told me to medicate for ick. Upon inspection, I saw that everyone had ick. I medicated on Tuesday. Wednesday I came home from work and discovered that Ned was dead.

I sent him to his watery grave with a one bell salute. The doorbell is broken and rings all by itself. I am aware of this and yet I still answer the door every time it rings. When I hit the flusher, it rang for Ned. I did not answer the door that time.

Yesterday I peered into the fish tank and Lo and Behold!!! I have Babies! Apparently someone in there is poppin out the fish fry. I'm guessing it's Polly because they have her one black eye. There were three in there last night, but I could only find two this morning. Since they are the same color as the rocks in the tank, I am hoping #3 was camouflaged. I will be putting more plants in for future fry to hide in with hopes for more babies in the future.

I discovered last night that riding around on Biker Bob's motorcycle does nasty things to my ankle. I'm tired of being in pain.

In other news, I had the night off last night and even turned down the opportunity to go in to work at another store because I am trying to recognize that sometimes it's best to take the opportunity to rest instead of the opportunity for more money. I spent the evening working on my catalog, which is already late for the deadline that I gave myself, but I am not stressing about it. It went great and I am almost done with it, except for the last two pages which are currently blank. Advertisement for the Open House in November should only take one of those pages and I cannot decide what I should do with the other one. I have thought about selling advertising space there to help with the cost of the catalog, but I don't want to be cheezy. I have also thought about listing out websites of other small businesses that I like, some of the bad girls of craft, for instance, and Sensei Ern's Stained glass. Suggestions from you would be great!

My computer kept going wonky. So I worked on the craft that had me going all over town. It didn't work out the way I wanted (pendant) so I made a magnet instead. I'm going to keep trying. One can never have too many magnets and I can always sell them at a crafty event.

I gave up and read for a bit. I should have been putting away my clothes, but one of the glorious parts of being a grown up is that I can leave my laundry in the basket FOREVER if I want to. Then again, there is no longer room for me to sleep in my bed.

This morning, I had to tell IT this:
Gina accidentally pushed the memory card reader On Dean's computer

what it meant was that I pushed the memory card into the computer and they had to come over, take it apart, and fix it. Sometimes, I just don't know my own strength

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