Tuesday, September 19, 2006

If I can see you, it's my business

I had a crazy weekend. Went to the lovely City of Monterey with my Seester to attend a wedding. I would have liked to have stayed longer and seen the aquarium, where, I was informed by C, they filmed the movie Star Trek 4, (I think I saw that one, actually) but we only had 2 days. There is a great pictorial coming of the motel we stayed in. I will say about it that we called it an adventure and pretended that we were in another country instead of a resort town.

We stopped in Solvang on the way there. Way cool Dutch community. They were having Dutch Days and we got to see a real life small town parade. you know, the kind where the floats are homeade and cheezy and the children on them throw candy at you not towards you. The kind where people jump off at the liquor store for a six pack and have to run to catch up. It was great. The people were nice, everyone knew everyone else, and I would like to return sometime when it is not Dutch Days so that I can shop at the many kitchy gift shops.

On the way home, I tried to stay awake. I took a little nap before I left my sister's in LA. then I had to stop for another nap at the rest stop in Ocenaside. It was about 2am. A little scary, but I parked under a light and locked my doors. I don't like rest stops at night.

I didn't get to bed until after 3 am, so I took yesterday off to rest. While I was resting, I went to lunch with Biker Bob, got my Oil changed (really needed to be done, last one was before Yellowstone) bought fishies for my tank, took a nap, Brother brought over a desk (we ate popcicles. it was GREAT) and then went out and about with my mom.

I got home at a reasonable time, and biker bob called to tell me that my but was flawed because it was in Lakeside instead of El Cajon. Since I can't go around with an imperfect rear, wandered over to his house. When I arrived, I noticed a commotion accross the street.

Apparently, a woman was trying to leave and a man was not letting her. I saw him struggling to force her into a car. So I did what any other concerned citizen would do in the face of possible domestic violence. I called Biker Bob for back up. I'm not stupid. So from accross the street, BB called over to them. She never said a word, but he finally responded by telling us to mind our own business. My reply?

"You looked like you were getting violent on her and since you are out on the street, it kinda is my business"

He went into the house, she followed of her own free will. No longer my problem. Before you jump all over me, know that I do not think domestic violence is ok if only it is behind closed doors, but if she were being beaten or raped on the street, it is up to me to do what I can to help her if I can see what is going on. Violence is not ok. I did not place myself in harms way or approach the couple on my own, but I was prepared to call the police if needed. Once she willingly followed that man into the house, it stopped being my business or my concern and I left.

I think if more people cared about what was going on around them instead of taking the "not my business" stand, a lot more progress would be made against issues like this.

It was an odd night, actually, with sheriffs in body armor with rifles running through Target while my mom and I were shopping last night. we stayed away from the sounds we heard and most definately did NOT try and follow the officer around the store to dicover what was going on. Better to stay out of harms way and let the professionals take care of the bad guys.

Life. It's always interesting.


Gary said...

It is always nice to have a Biker Bob around when you need one. I wish I had one. :)

Rich | Championable said...

What a strangely up and down day. Incidentally, Star Trek IV is "The Funny One."

Sensei Ern said...

Speaking of ST IV, I love the way Bones was getting disgusted by the "barbaric" treatments being administered at the hospital, and he was going through curing people.

As for the violence, it is the result of being told, what two people do in their own home is none of our business. There was a time when a man who injures a woman was encouraged to leave on the next train out of town, or he would "go missing".

Today, you can't answer the call of women when you think they are being injured because, 1. she will tell the police, "But I love him," and 2. you will get charges pressed against you. And, since that is the case, I say, "If you are going to interfere, make it worth your time and pound him into the ground."

Chickie said...

You have more self control than me. I'd have tailed the officer all through Target. Sometimes, I'm too damn nosy for my own good.