Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Or ga nic a nor

morc or ga nic a nu, m borschnic n beetle n borg borg borg!!


So much to blog about, I don't even know where to begin. Before the news of Lady's death came through the mill, I was going to discuss the anthropomorphism of God, and how I believe we give that which we call God human personas in order to better understand it. But truly I believe God to be asexual, like water, really, even though I will sometimes simplify the thought process into male and female energies. However, I try not to make this a religious blog, so I am going to leave you to your thoughts on that one.

I don't really remember Friday except that I intended to stay at home and clean in preperation for this Friday's Pampered Chef Party, but it didn't happen. I do know that I spent some quality time with Biker Bob.

Saturday I slept in too long to clean house and went off to eat Pho with Sharon who was just as fantastic as I thought she would be. I hope she enjoyed lunch as well as I. After that, I went off to the woodworkers store where, I could easily get lost forever if I only had a place to put my table saw. I was looking for hinges for me Spinning Wheel. they sent me to San Diego Hardware which is a decorative hardware wonderland. Someday, when I own my home, I hope I am able to liberally spinkle it with things like Milifori Glass and Pyrite doorknobs, and Laboridite and quartz crystal drawer pulls. Among other pretties. They also did not have my hinge, but I ran into a fellow who knew me from High School. Apparently we used to ride the city bus together. Although I recognized his face, I would never have known his name. He knew the year I graduated and the fact that I dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween the one year we actually attended school together. He's into fashion design now and has lots of wonderful ideas. I gave him my card. that night, I intended to stay in and clean, but I believe this was the night I crashed on my couch at 9 pm.
Sunday I was up early for work at Harbucks. I was out early enough to spend a little time with my family, which was, as usual, great. Then, of couse, instead of cleaning, it was all about time with Biker Bob.
Monday I went to the Zoo and the Natrual History museum, with my friend Tom. I was worn out pretty quickly so I cut out fairly early and crashed on my couch soon after I arrived home. Tom lectured me about working too much as I am "not getting any younger" I think, personally, that this is not the way I want to look at my life. I don't want to treat myself delicately because I am nearing thirty, which truly isn't all that old, I want to continue to have a good time and have fun experiences. If I "break my neck" at roller derby, well at least I went out with a bang, not sitting at home gathering dust. Sure, I admit that I work too much and tire quickly, but it was also very hot out yesterday. On a normal day I have at least 17 hours of awake productive time. After a short nap, I ran some errnds with Biker Bob and we went and bought me a fish tank. I tried getting one on Craigslist, but there wasn't much available and I didn't get through to one fellow before I got frustrated and bought. I took it out of my roller skate fund. I will be adoptinga shrimp or two from Biker Bob, and putting in a Beta, which is the reason I got a fish tank, and filling it the rest of the way with Mollys, which are varied in colors and types and easy to keep. They also reproduce like crazy. I'm excited about my new pet adventure. Now to find the perfect tank decor...The undersea pineapple is VERY tempting.


Sensei Ern said...

"I believe we give that which we call God human personas in order to better understand it."

Not to quibble, but, actually, God reveals Himself in the Bible, giving Himself attributes that are understandable to humanity. Think of it as trying to describe a rainbow to someone who has been blind their entire life. They have no concept of color. Some have described it by giving colors feelings and using feeling to describe it.

More importantly, I am concerned that too many people try to give themselves attributes that belong to God...and not for the purpose of understanding.

When you eat pho, what do you do with the tripe? I won't eat it and usually set it aside, but it grosses my wife out.

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Chana said...

it seems that life is moving along busy but happy. again, i'm sorry for Lady's loss..here again, from Dr. John's.


Love fishes too. Just passing by and saying hello from Dr. John.

Catch said...

Your not getting any younger? you are nearing 30??? Honey...your a mere babe. Wait till your 58!!! lol....and age does not have to slow you down! Keep going till ya just cant go no more! Dr John sent me

Anonymous said...

Interesting question about God. I definitely agree that God is far greater than our imagination. I do not believe that WE give him attribute but that rather he created US in HIS image. Which means that we resemble God in some way. In order to identify with such a powerful spiritual being we use terms we can understand like, Father, to wrap our minds around Him.

The most amazing thing about the all powerful God of the Universe? He is a personal God who loves us and allows us to get to know him and love him as well. Try wrapping you mind around that one!

Margaret said...

Slept in too long to clean house! Oh if I only could.. just once I'd clean the house of whoever let me sleep in.

Dr. John Marathoning' This afternoon. Take care. -Margie

Ginamonster said...

Sensei: Ick. I order pho that doesn't have Tripe. Typically Pho Thai is without tripe. You can always ask them to leave it out. and I don't think you are quibbling at all.

Welcome all from Dr John!

Catch: I totally agree. I tend to go till I collapse, rest, than go some more! so much to do and see and learn!

DrK: Your faith in your beliefs is inspirational.

Margaret: comeone over we'll have a sleep over/in