Friday, September 15, 2006


I had a wonderful birthday. Between the outpourings of well wishes from my friends, family, and fellow bloggers (chickie sent me e-flowers!!!!) the phone calls from my sisters, my mom, C, Biker Bob (who was the first to call), dinner at a yummy Thai place last night, and the wonderful nap I took after work partially induced my alchohol (I mixed myself a drink when I got home and promptly fell asleep. I'm not a lightweight, I'm sleepy)
Nothing bad happened, but something good did, My Cousin's friend Jamie had a baby! on my birthday! Hooray! And, lets not forget that Sean Preston Federline also shares my birthday, which raises him exponetially in my eyes above his parents. Who, I have decided are lost in the world of the living caricature.
Our Admin, Grace, asked if I thought I would hear from my dad, and I explained to her that no, I didn't expect to. That the last time he called on my birthday, it was actually a couple of days later and, it was the year I turned 24.
C created this picture for me:

Gotta love the hat.


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You know that the other Federline baby has the same birthday too. Maybe you could get an invite to their birthday party.