Tuesday, September 26, 2006

No Fallout...Yet

I am blessed with the intelligence to make something of myself.

There are two messages on the bubble phone that I have not listened to. I hope they are just telemarketers. Or, you know, maybe a couple of customers? eitherway, it's the phone number my dad calls because it's the one that is lised in the phone book so there is always the possibility that it is him. which used to make me happy, but now fills me with dread.

Biker Bob learned last night not to ask questions he doesn't want an answer to when it comes to feminine grooming habits.

I don't feel like working at Harbucks tonight, but after planning out my debt, and learning that I will be in debt until late 2008, well, I'll quit my complaining once I get to work tonight.

There was more but I have forgotten what it is. I bought a little book to write these things down, but I keep forgetting that I have it.