Thursday, September 21, 2006


I rant so often, sometimes, that I think I forget to stop and count my blessings. So I am going to try and start each of my days' posts by being appriciative of all the wonderful people and things that fill my life. Then I'll get down to whatever madness happens to be begging to burst forth from my cranium.

I am blessed with the most marvelous family. We have our issues, and our crankiness too, but we're never afraid to say "I love you".

I don't think I have mentioned much, my new neighbors. If I have, it's because of the horrid doggy stench issuing forth from their porch which wafts into my nasal passageways when I climb the stairs to my tower lair or when I head out to my porch to water my plants (which, I just realized, I have not given a garden update in a long time. All my herbs died in the blistering heat of the Lakeside Summer. So did my tea rose, and all of my flowers. Jack's Garden turned out to be too shallowly planted to support life and has lain fallow these past months. I have cleared out all the dead stuff, except the lavender and Rosemary which I am praying will make a miraculous comeback even though I don't water them anymore. My yellow roses continue to bloom, the Gardenia is happy but bloomless, the pepper fruits periodically, the little white flowers, while straggly are healthy, Strawberry is still living, Colius is happy again, and I have not killed the Plumeria or coffee plant yet.) Yes, indeed it it a hazardous lair, the wasps are back and the smell outside, sometimes cloying. (inside, it's just a trip hazard, but I really am working on that)
I mentioned it the other night when Neighborman asked if the barking dogs bothered me (dogs? I thought there was only one, apparently there are two. TWO DOGS! in a 950 sq ft area.With only a small porch to pee on) And he cleaned it up right away. That was last Friday. Yesterday, I noticed the stench had returned. I went into the house, intending to start cleaning since I hosted Bunco last night and decided to take a short nap instead. My nap was unsatisfying. I couldn't sleep because I could hear their music. There is little worse than a distant thump thump thump thump when you are trying to take a nap. Some days, I can hear the words. I would gladly buy a whole box of $2 smencils, give up 10 perfectly good fallen strawberry plants, to have my old quiet neighbors back.

Since when does healthcare require telemarketing? The Lazer Eye people called me again last night. Apparently it has been 2 years since I visited them back in 2005. I pointed out that it's now 2006. And that i am happy with my contacts. And my finances would not support another payment plan. Yes indeed, they have convienient low payments. As if the daily deluge of credit card offers and the calls on the Bubble Phone offering refi deals (on my apartment???). They will be calling be again. When did "No" stop meaning "No"?

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sharon reynolds said...

and when did no start meaning "if the price is right?" hate that, truly hate that. guess what - keep pissing me off and you'll get none of my money, evah - AND when I do have to give my money to someone else for the same service I'll MAIL YOU MY RECEIPTS to show you that when I have the $ I now know where to spend it.

sorry, can you tell that's a sore spot for me?

and now back to your regularly scheduled rant.