Thursday, September 28, 2006

Bits and Pieces

I am blessed with a very healthy constitution.I mean, I get sick sometimes, but really? it's not that bad.

  • I keep wondering when my dad will realize I threw out his porn and call to yell at me. I'd like to see him take me to court on that. You know, tell the judge I'm a bad daughter because I threw out his porn while he was in jail.
  • M&M's are the devil.
  • Every so often my secondary schooling comes up in conversation. When I mention that I stopped massaging due to a back injury, people always ask how I hurt myself. I think I will start telling them it was a sex injury.
  • Attention: If you are a 50+ year old man in a very bad mullet toupee, and you are married, please don't hit on me. Actually, even if you aren't married...
  • Attention: If you are fairly young, and you want to come into the store and hit on the Baristas after you go to the gym, please shower. BO is not sexy. I must have been looking cute last night.
  • Sleep is not overrated. I turned down the oppotunity to work tonight so that I could just, rest.
  • I miss skating.

1 comment:

shqipo said...

You threw out your dad's porn collection??? That is plain mean and wrong!