Monday, February 27, 2006


I had like 20 zillion things I wanted to blog about, but today I can only think of two. dangit. they were deep too.


I was an ass. A couple of months ago, I was upset with girl roomie because she skipped Bunco to attend a friend's mom's funeral. I questioned whether she even knew said friend's mom. Out loud. for all to hear. (she did know her. Well. I found out later)
Saturday, I attended the funeral of a friend's wife. I had never met her, but felt as though I should go to support my friend. While there, I realized that I had allowed my anger and frustration towards girl roomie at that time to override my senses and cause me to act like an ass. A huge ass. And I feel really bad about it. I know it was a growing experience, and I will hopefully think about it the next time assiness comes upon me, but in hindsight, I'm still an ass.


The mall seems to bring out the worst in my attitude. I was there for maybe 20 minutes, and from one end to another, I started formulating an extensive list of pet peeves. Almost every one started with "people who" which only served to strenthen my feeling that the more I get to know them, the less I like people. Here they are:

1. People who use their phones in the bathroom (I don't want the person you are talking to listening to me pee)
2. People who walk really slow through crowded areas. (I always get stuck behind them. Slow traffic, move right!!)
3. People who shuffle thier feet (really. few other things grate on my nerves like the sound of scraping shoes)
4. People who do not yield for pedestrians. (In California, Pedestrians ALWAYS have the right of way)
5. People who drive so fast through parking lots that I have to leap out of the way in order not to get run over
6. People who walk down the center aisle of the parking lot and don't move over when they see ot hear you coming.

I'm cranky all over again just thinking about it.

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