Friday, February 10, 2006

I'm turning into my grandmother


My great grandparents bought thier house right after WWII. It overlooks Sunset Cliffs, which is a lovely view of the ocean. They had the same neighbors pretty much the whole time they lived there. (They died in 1995. They lived there a long time) When they died, the house went to my grandmother who I would visit quite often (until towards the end when I got too busy and I will always feel bad even though I was at her side every day at the very end and I held her foot while she died, so I don't have a lot of guilt, just some)

Ma would tell me stories about her week. and her week always included a visit from Bubble Butt. Bubble Butt lived accross the street. My Great Grandmother named her that. Apparently she has a big butt. I have never met her because by the time my father inherited the house, none of the neighbors would talk to me (yes, he pissed them off that badly. GG's house became the drug house on the street. The last time it sold, almost a year ago, it went for nearly a million. It's a nice neighborhood). I have no idea what Bubble Butt's real name is, she's just Bubble Butt.

It occurred to me that I have become my grandmother because I give people descriptive nicknames that stick. Like Creepy (I feel bad about that one because he ended up helping me so much) and See Through Skirt Girl. And today, someone got renamed, Saggy Pants.

After I renamed him, I realized that this habit is family tradition. I have now become my grandmother.

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Sensei Ern said...

That is something George W. Bush does, nicknames to people.

Winston Churchill said something to the effect, any person 20 years old and is not a liberal has no heart, and any person 30 years old and not a conservative has no brain.

The closer you get to 30, the more you are becoming one of us.

SHould I reserve your seat at the 2008 Republican National Convention? I can make sure you get a seat next to some rich, single, straight Republican that is open to alternate religions.

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