Monday, February 06, 2006

Another exciting weekend

My couch and coffee table. can you see my spinning wheel to the right?. yeah, haven't used it but once...I still prefer my drop spindle. Who knew?

I'm taking Jack to the vet tonight regarding the growth in his eye. Apparently that means he hs a parasite. It's called a "Encephalitazoan cuniculi" I will google it and see what I come up with. It never hurts to be informed. T says I should eat him. I think he would fit nicely in my still unused crock pot.
Dustin and I had fun at the beach on saturday. My tennis shoes are not meant for use near tide pools. slippery, you know. HE says that I have met my limit on the amount of pets that one person should have in thier apartment and that I should strike Hemit Crabs from my list of prospective pets. I think I am a grown up and can have as many animals as I want, BUT that the crabs will be more expensive to set up and maintain than I care to spend, so I think I have let that idea go. I'll just visit them at the pet store along with the kittens.


Gary said...

I grew up where hermit crabs were everywhere. I can't believe I missed out on having a little hermie for a pet.

Ginamonster said...

they're such cool creatures!!