Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Radio time

So every afternoon on my way home from work (you know, all 15 minutes or so) I listen to Tom Lykis ( even though I am not a part of his target demographic.

Here is my confession. I agree with most of what he says. The reason I don't agree with all of it is that he does use generalizations that don't apply to everyone. But he does admit that and I definately give him credit for it.

Yes, Tom comes accross as misogynistic, but when you consider what he is saying, much of it is true. I almost called in yesterday.

He was running a segment asking listeners to call in if they were going out with an ex last night. (C and I had dinner) The first person I heard call argued with him that she wasn't pathetic because she didn't have anyone else to go out with. His advice to men? Don't answer the phone when your ex calls on V day, you are her last resort. Me? I didn't call him, he invited me, and dinner was free for both of us. at an expensive restraunt. (if you are in the San Diego area, and you want dinner, I recommend Lou and Mickey's. Very tasty) We expected nothing more from each other than company and that's what we got.

So often I hear men writing in talking about how their girl friend/spouse, whatever, treats them terribly. How they got "trapped" and this and that. It's interesting for me to hear a man's point of view. Abuse cases directed at men rarely make the news, but here are men calling in, telling of physical and verbal abuse. discussing how these women use their kids as leverage to keep them. Threaten to have them arrested for abuse that never happened, (this happened to a man I dated, I find it apalling) and I must say that it makes me ashamed to be female, and helps me to understand why men are so hesitant to get involved. (if you listen to Tom, he will tell you not to get involved at all, just have booty calls)

Don't get me wrong, I love being a woman. But ladies, please. We cry for empowerment and equality, and yet when it comes to men, we revert to sniveling bitches. We whine and cry to get what we want. We blackmail men into doing what we want them to do. I think it's time to stop. I think it's time for us to stand up, and really be equal. Sexually. If Tom says that men should use us for a booty call, then I say, there's nothing wrong with using them right back. To quit pouting and remember that we enjoy sex too. You can choose (like me) to not sleep with someone you aren't dating, there's nothing wrong with that. but I have to agree that if there is a mutual attraction, and you're holding out, he's going to go somewhere else to get it.

I'm starting a new blog. I think there are a lot of women who think this way too and I want their opinion. Men, of course, are welcome. I want to hear your stories of how you've been treated badly. I want you to tell me about your ideal woman (aside from the part where she's mute, has handles for ears, and a flat spot on her head) I think it's time to turn the tide. I think it's time to show men that there are women out there who although they may want to settle down and be "taken care of" they are willing to take care right back. To maintain themselves and be trophy wives if they stay at home, to contribute equally if they work. I want those of us with self esteem and a respect for the oposite sex to overtake the whining bitches and become the norm for women.

I'm all wound up. let's get it done.

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