Thursday, February 23, 2006

Maybe I have predudice

Actually we all do, some just spell it better than others. Mine is a little different than others.

Conversation came up last night regarding a party I will be attending on Sunday and the fact that there may be attractive men there. The down side is that any man there is likely to be a Christian because my cousin, who is throwing the party, is church going folk.

Let me say first of all, that I don't have a problem with Christians. Religion is a personal issue. We have discussed all this before. I am not adverse to dating a Christian. I just don't think one would want to date me. I am making assumptions, of course, and generally, I actually prefer to date outside my faith, but it seems to me that Christians are more comfortable being in a relationship with others of thier faith. There is nothing wrong with that. My predudice (at least if I am going to misspell it, I will try to do it the same way in the same article) is that I don't think that the men, should there be any single ones there, will be interested in me, based on my faith. And truly, I respect that.

In unrelated news, Bug guy met three men at the gym last night and sent them all to mySpace to check me out.


Sensei Ern said...

GM, it depends on what you identify as a Christian.

The first issue is that God tells the Christian, "Not to be unequally yoke with an unbeliever," in the Bible.

"Unbeliever" as used in this command means, 'anyone not a Christian'.

The issue is that people understand this differently.

Most feel this means to not marry a non-Christian. Some identify dating as preparation for marriage, and thus some believe, including myself, Christians are to not date non-Christians, either.

Some, including myself believe that the Christian should not go into a business partnership with an unbeliever, either. I believe this as well. It does not mean have no financial deals with non-Christians, but it means do not give any responsibility to a non-Christian for which the Christian has to give account.

The reason I can morally sell stained glass through your website is because if you were to go belly up, I would only be out any moneys owed to me, but if you were to be sued by someone I would not be held responsible for your actions. In effect, I would be a supplier as opposed to a partner.

Some Christians are so dilligent as to think it wrong to have friends who are not Christians. I do not think this is right as we are commanded to interact with unbelievers and to show them the hope of eternity we have.

Some who claim to be Christians are not really, but have a form of Christianity, but deny the power of it.

Of this last group, you will find those who claim Christianity as like a crutch they can rest on without making a commitment to it. These are the kinds of guys that will not only try to hook up withyou, but will also try to sleep with you outside of marriage.

Another group who claim to be Christians will avoid you, once they find out you are a witch. They will do this out of a fear of ignorance. They believe all of the ridiculous ideas presented in horror movies, et al.

Having said all that, I have a confession to make. I hope it does not affect our friendship.

I first found out you were a witch in our communications on Dat's board. My initial reaction was one of apprehension. My first thought was to put distance between us.

After I realized I serve God to the best of my ability, I decided that if I am confident in my faith, I have nothing to fear from you nor any other wiccan.

When you meet these people, I would withhold telling anyone you are a witch. If you find an attraction for one, I would then communicate it as soon as possible. You do not want to build a bond that challenges his character as he could end up resenting you.

Be prepared. Your sister may have told them about you and they may have pre-concieved notions. Don't be offended as they are only working with limited information, as you probably are about them, in that you expressed apprehension in dealing with them.

Go to the party, have fun.

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Ginamonster said...

I agree with you totally. I do not consider the feelings of the Christians I meet invalid. I'm glad to hear that my opinions in this are not misplaced. I do not reveal my faith very often to strangers, but I would never misrepresent myself to someone I intended to date, or to be in any sort of partnership with. You have nothing to fear from me business wise, as I would pay you any monies owed even if it came out of my pocket. But that is something you will learn later. And not everyone is as morally responsible as I.
Serving God to the best of our ability is truly all we can do. I think we have recognised that trait in each other and built a friendship based on a mutual respect for the beliefs and opinions we represent. That, to me, transcends religious doctrine and touches the true face of God. How can I be offended by God?