Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Jack has pus in his eye. I thought it was a growth because there are veins going to it and it was getting bigger. So I contacted a vet and he said it was a protozoa and to bring him in ASAP.
the vet I actually saw listed several things it could be, let me know that the veins were an immune response, took blood for tests, and gave me antibiotics for him (twice a day for ten days) The antibiotics might work if it is bacterial, which means he has Pasturella. If not, then the problem is not bacterial which means it might be the protozoa or it could just be an abscess. He may want to refer me to an animal ophthalmologist who would look, maybe sample the pus, and maybe remove the eye if necessary. all I heard was the dollars flying out of my wallet.

Thus far I have spent over $300 on my $4 bunny, and that isn't counting food, litter, and bedding. He just became more expensive than my hair. ooh, next, I will post the current hair color. I forgot to do that.

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