Friday, February 24, 2006


I discovered Zach Braff's blog today. He seems like an interesting fellow. I was inspired by his post to comment, but first I had to read through the other 500 posts to make sure no one else had come up with my idea.

Almost all of them said the same thing. You are amazing. I love Scrubs. Let me have your baby. Good for you and Mandy, call me when you break up. I'm an amature film student...On and on and on. I think he actually said that he reads every You know this is something celebrities deal with all the time. My friend who has a bit of noteriety doesn't discuss the multitudes of emails he gets every day, but he has said that he's about 6 months behind answering them. If every one of them is anything like the comments on Zach's site, it's no wonder Dat doesn't answer them right away. There's only so often you can say, thank you for watching, thanks for the compliment, yes we are very happy. blah blah blah blah blah. I think I would stop wanting to read them after awhile.

Earth to freakazoids! the people you see on TV are charactors! I can tell you right now that Dat is totally different in person than he is on stage. Not in a bad way, he's a good guy. But either way, it's an act, folks. Sure, there are some elements of thier charactors in thier personality. Zach seems, from the short posts that I read, to be someone who would be fun and silly to hang out with. But I don't pretend to know him from one blog entry. He's just an actor i enjoy watching.

So now you might be wondering what I was inspired to write to him. Here it is in a nutshell, and by the way, I scanned every comment. I didn't see this mentioned anywhere eles. Sad.

"I can't believe that no one else thought to point out that if you drink the glow-stick juice, you might have glow in the dark twosies."


Sensei Ern said...

Whatever Dat thinks, I am grateful to him. FOr many years, I wanted to do stand up. Seeing Dat inspired me to go from wanting to to actually going up on stage.

Had Dat not done LCS, I would probably never tried it.

I am not sure about the glowstick juice, but like the old joke says, "Beans make you fart, and jelly beans make you fart in technocolor."

Ginamonster said...

I hope that my post didn't speak for Dat, because I didn't intend it that way.
I can say that knowing Dat, he likes it when people are inspired by him.
Inspiring people to follow thier dreams is something he loves to do. I can say that with confidence because he and I have discussed it at length. And he wouldn't be adverse to hearing it from you. I'm sure Mr Braff appriciated hearing how he has inspired people too.
But I think, if I were a celebrity, I would tire of people fawning over me. I would also tire of them bashing me. all the posts were not like that, some of them were just normal, like you and I having conversation. And that was cool because it shows that Zach is approachable. Most of the posts did not discuss how he inspired them to act/direct/see more movies/follow dreams. It was all "you're the greatest".
I don't know. maybe I'm a snob...

jen said...

Mmmmm. Zach. I'm one of those fans that keeps to myself. lol

Ginamonster said...

Generally I would keep to myself too, but the glow in the dark poo was too much to pass up.