Thursday, February 17, 2005

Oh boy!

Mr New, I think, has graduated to Mr Now. I am looking forward to another date this evening. Hooray!

I may just go out and buy new books. Except one of them was new. dammit, I should just call and ask for my books back.

CoWorker was in my office again. all flirty. StoopidHead.

I hope you know that when I use derogitory terms to describe men I have dated, it is not because I truly believe they are stupid (except for the part where they screwed up with me) or idiots or anything like that. I generally have nothing but nice things to say about any of them and frankly, if asked, I would tell any of them that they were foolish for letting me go. But everyone has to do what is right for them and I accept thier decisions, although I don't nessesarily agree with the way they went about things. Any time the language is "G" rated, you can rest assured that there are no hard feelings (except about the books!).

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