Monday, February 14, 2005

big mistake

I knew it would be, but thinking myself able to do so, I looked at Mr Most Recently's blog. big mistake, big mistake, big mistake.
I didn't get far enough back into history to see if he ever mentioned me, the timelines were a bit jumbled, but he was telling a graphic story about having sex with someone else (he's got a very popular blog) and I just had to stop reading before I threw up on myself. I think I will go to the Dr next week for those tests, byt the way. I mean I knew, but reading it was worse. and a big mistake. He also mentioned leaving cheer up messages for other women...recently. but he cannot be bothered to call me and I just feel sick, and thank god, that I really am better off without him. (they told me so!!) and E, if you are reading this (which chances are, you are not, since you really weren't that interested in me after all), next time you meet a nice girl, don't tell her you have a blog. because she will get nosy, we can't help it. even now I am tempted to scan and see if I ever meant anythingt o you at all, but I knowI shouldn't because it will only hurt me because I don't think I did and I promise, after I get my books back, unless I happen to run into you at your work (I may start shopping at Borders) you will not hear from me again.
This all overshadows the anger I felt before about something else that perhaps I will discuss another time.

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