Sunday, September 30, 2007

We are not talking about the rest of my evening

at least not right now.

Instead I will tell you the following...

That you know you don't even want to look at a home when the pictures of it online make you say (in your head, of course because I don't know about you but that's where all my best dialog happens) "Oh, holy Jesus" every time you hit the next button. And you aren't um, an avid follower of the teachings of Christ.

Meanwhile, in happy news, I picked up a lovely little antique dresser today. It wasn't an impulse buy, I slept on the idea and I do need somehwere to put my underwear which are still in a bin from moving. It's a lovely little number, and precisely what I was looking for several months ago when I was out looking for a little antique dresser thing to advertise my soap on. So it will serve a dual purpose. You know, when I can afford to pay off the IRS ($400) and get licenced in the great state of NV which, wants a state license($100), a city license($60), and sales taxes. Hence the property search because I don't want to spend the money to get a license in Reno only to move to say, Sparks or, more likely, Fernley-because-it's-cheaper. And well, we all know focusing on the future helps me ignore the present as does the bedding I spent all weekend cutting up for homeless ferrets.

AND this weekend I recruited 4 or 5 new members of the Reno Bad Girls of Craft so now we have enough people to actually meet up! YAY!

(distractions, distractions...)

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