Friday, September 14, 2007

they say it's you birthday (do do do do do) It's my birthday too!

Also knowns as the obligatry OH MY GOD I'M THIRTY" post. because Oh my goodness, suddenly, I am. I mean, I know Ihave been preparing for it for um 30 years now, but honestly it really did sneak up on me because in truth? I'm still twelve. Which is why yesterday I had to refrain from giggling when I told the schindler guy to move his van because we needed to caulk the louver.


So as you can see, I don't LOOK any differnet than I did two day ago when I took the last picture of myself. Except I grew bags under my eyes because my mom came out to visit as a surprise (I knew, but didn't say anything. hee hee) and two grown women don't fit so well in a double bed. Especially when both of them are used to sleeping alone. Plus, she was snoring. So here's me on my birthday...

And here's the part where I brag about my new present.

My Momi spoils me.

In the back you can kind of see the blanket i made myself the other night. It's snuggly.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Now you're old like me!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! You are a beautiful woman with a beautiful spirit.

Rich | Championable said...

Hey, happy birthay! Only 15 years until your prime!


heather said...


Ginamonster said...

Randy, you're a brat. And I will never be as old as you!

To anonymous, thank you.

Rich, heh. thanks.

Heather, Thanks!