Sunday, September 23, 2007

Memories! Like the corner of my mind...

Or something like that. Never was much for Barbara. Except maybe for that one duet with Neil Diamond. Something about flowers. C would know. I hear it in my head sometimes, at the death of a romance. "You don't bring me flowers, anymore" Of course, in my world, romance is a rarity, so I don't know all the words. Plus, there are plenty of depressing ending songs to sing. I refused to sing them after it was all over with T. I was trying not to wallow. Instead I re-learned that singing those songs helps me to heal.

I went off on a tangent. Sorry.

I remembered the thing that so eluded me yesterday. We had a Clint sighting.

Now, when I say we, this time, I don't mean me, I mean Poo and BR who went to go pick up Rusty from the airport on Friday. (I stayed behind because I was baking chocolate cakes. I say cake in plural because I made indivudual serving size bundt cakes instead of one big cake to share. I love individual servings of stuff. I also learned that you can warm canned frosting up inthe microwave and drizzle it instead of spreading it and it's yummy. another tangent. I am full of them today)

So Poo and BR are waiting for Rusty's plane to arrive when in comes Clint wearing a reflective jacket and carrying those flashlights with cones on the end. BR excused himself to the bathroom, and Clint told Poo he had a job directing airplanes onto the runway. (I am pretty sure they just use runway lights now...) His chin was working like mad. And when he left, (accidentally mentioning that he was going back to the car rental place across the way and "oops. I have two jobs right now, you know") Poo told him to come and get his stuff and to call his parents. They said his chin was still going and he ambled off kind of limping sideways.

Sad, what people will do to their bodies. The general consensus is that he's not long for this world. Rusty said something about them having found cancer in his throat and perhaps that is why he went back to drugs. I suppose I will never know for sure. Regardless, it's an unfortunate situation.

Today, I was bombarded all day with the sounds of the football games. I generally like football, but after a bit, I got tired of hearing the announcers. I am hoping that I just needed a nap. Or that hours upon hours of it was just too much for my brain to take.

Since I mentioned the sad endings of romances, I imagine that those of you who care are wondering what is going on with the Cowboy. Things are about the same. We are enjoying each other's company. Sometimes he calls when he says he will, sometimes he doesn't. When he doesn't, I call him, and we chat for long periods of time. He tells me he's not in a position in his life to be someone's boyfriend, and I am still considering whether a non comitted dating reationship is enough for me since I don't generally date more than one men at a time. I tell myself that we are what each other needs right now. In my heart, that sounds like the right answer.

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Gretta James said...

men blah... They cause me too much stress. I hope he starts to make more of an effort with you because you're worth effort. Just want you to knwo that.

Gretta x