Tuesday, April 17, 2007

something i didn't mention

Before the bloody fun, a coworker came into my office. We were all discussing this and that when she brought up how unhappy her bird is since she moved. Apparently, she is having a problem with her screaming any time she is out of the room.

This is a critter that has been in her care for 5 years. Moving is just as upsetting for critters as it is for people. Especially the more "intelligent" ones. In this case, a cockatoo.

The coworker, Mary, suggested that she wants to give her away. For me, giving away a pet is a last resort, especially when the pet is simply misbehaving. With parrots, if they feel insecure ir upset, they screech. In this case, i suggestedd that Mary et a rolling perch and bring Daphne with ehr as she traveles through the house, something I would like to be able to do with Baby. This way, Daphne never feels the insecurity of being away from her "flock" and doesn't need to call to them in order to feel safe.

Mary spoke to a friend of her's who is head of some sort of bird club or something around town. The friend suggested that she sell the bird with cage and said that she would ask her club.

I have to disagree. If after 5 years of happy cohabitation, she suddenly is screaming, then I think that steps can be taken to increase her comfort level. Rolling perches are not that expensive, I see them on Ebay all the time. Heck, Baby's current home rolls but is too big to move throughout the house. Daphne is not a bad bird, she is an uncomfortable one who needs to be reassured that she is safe. Mary is concerned about the neighbors getting angry with her, but I think, given time, Daphne can be a wonderful addition to the neighborhood. I live in an apartment. My neighbors are facinated with Baby and ask me about her all the time. They have never complained to me about her.

So I did something that was a little compulsive. Ok a lot. I offered to adopt Daphne. Mary sad she would think about it. I already know wher in my home she can live. I think as long as I make sure that Baby knows that she is still the primary bird, they will be ok. I think that in time they will like each other, as Baby tends to like other animals. It would be a lot to have another parrot in the house, but the offer is there, and I would be happy yo take her.

We could rename the Tower, the Castle of Misfit Critters


Sensei Ern said...

Mydaughter is a vegan, is trained by the ASPCA, and now has her own pet care business. Even she thinks that PETA is a few cows shy of a herd.

It's your business, and if it benefits you, getting you towards your ultimate goals, then do it. Be aware that PETA is on the FBI watch list because some of the actions they take are considered both criminal and dangerous to the public.

I have to admit, though, the naked PETA Tiger lady looks convincing...http://www.worldnetdaily.com/images2/tigerlady1.jpg

Monkey said...

I know absolutely nothing about birds. My mother and step-father had an African Grey (?) for years who was the sweetest guy imaginable. They inherited him after his owner died.

Maybe Daphne would adopt you and Baby as her new "flock"? And be happy again?

In other news... thank you for visiting today and your kind words. I would not want Drunkin Monkey to miss his Vegas Vacation either. He should come up here in the summer. This is no place for a monkey right now.

(I'm still shocked that you kept him in the room during his trip to Hawaii!)

Ginamonster said...

Monkey, I am still learning the ways of monkey parenting. I am hoping that if Daphne comes to live with us that she accepts us as her flock. I do not want her further stressed but moving from home to home.