Friday, April 20, 2007

don't make me be mean to you.

I wanted to try and post the conversation I had last night with a young man who contacted me due to being back on the market. But I don't have the macintosh skills yet. Let me paraphrase.

Him: Hi blah blah blah do you IM

ME: yes, Yahoo, ginamonster, but I am going to bed right now.

Up pops a conversation

H: Hi
M:Hi, I will talk to you later.
H: I thought you would be all giggly and flirty
M: I need to go to bed, I have to get up early
H:I guess you aren't the right girl for me
M:Big assumption considering we just met isn't it?
H: Tomorrow when we talk on the phone you can be all giggily and flirty (I never gave him my number)
M: I have to go to bed. Signing off

two messages to MySpace appear: "You could have been more responsive" (verbal pout, I'd say) then, "Maybe I came on too strong. I would like a chance with you"

So I replied. I explained that I realized I was not a good woman for him. That I am known to be a bit icy and I am proud of it. that I would only hurt his feelings because I could tell he is sensitive (I avoided the term :needy:)

He still wanted a chance.

I replied simply, No.

I hope that's the end of that story because I really don't want to be mean to him. I was really good. Tempted though I was, I refrained from cussing and I did not remind him that he works part time at a shoe store and does not go to school. And he's 25. (I'm getting a strong "I live with mom" vibe) Actually, I wonder if he's the guy who's phone number my mom was so kind as to obtain for me last year about this time. I'm glad she hasn't done that again. I get into enough situations on my own.


Rich | Championable said...

Whoa. That was a really speedy case of Completely Blowing It by that dude. Yeesh.

Gary said...

Don't sell mom short. One of these days she might find you a real prince. :)

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Wow! I think you totally called that "I live with mom" vibe right! haha

Buzz said...

Probably lives with mom.

And he was probably drunk.

Just sayin...


Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

I'm with buzz on the drunk comment too and he probably, worse yet, wanted cybersex! haha