Thursday, April 19, 2007

I didn't learn the first couple of times

I switched my MySpace profile back to "looking for dates" since sitting at home knitting isn't doing anyting for my social life and well, sometimes I get lonely. Today was my first day back on the MySpace market. If nothing else, internet dating seems to provide far better blog fodder than "I spun a skein" or "I knit my first pair of slippers today" (I'll post pictures of those another day)
I recieved the following message:

"wow you are stunning i havent had anything take my breath away like that since i got hit in the nuts with a baseball speaking of nuts you sound like youre on the level so get back to me"

To which I replied...

"wow. I hope that I don't cause extreme pain and possible impotence...wait a second...crap."

Which I find exceptionally funny, given my past experiences. I don't really expect to hear back from him after a reply like that. Of course, from his message, he already thinks I'm nuts and still contacted me, so, who knows? He's cute, anyway.

I am off to a monkey meeting. I was invited by one of my crafty friends to go to a coffee shop tonight specifically for the purpose of making monkeys. I am thrilled. Don't tell the Drunkin Monkey though, he's still out of town and will not be happy when he comes home to find a multitude (ok, one or two if we are lucky) of sock monkey siblings. Either way, finishing the half made monkey twins is on my list of things to do before i can break out my spinning wheel again.


NWJR said...


Perfect response.

You don't really want to date anyone with grammar skills that horrible anyway.

Sensei Ern said...

Does it really work to say you remind me of getting hit in the nuts? I'll have to remember that.

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

HAHAHA!!! I LOVE your response, are you thinking he's maybe date-worthy...he he, that reminds me of Seinfeld "sponge worthy".

A monkey meeting, here you were literally talking about monkeys, I was thinking you were just referring to a typical office meeting, that's the way we refer to many committee meetings around here!