Monday, April 09, 2007

Here we go again

I'm pretty darn sure that I mentioned that I went to go see "Blades of Glory" last week with a coworker. I took care of the tickets, he treated for dinner. The thought behind going (even though I have been feeling apprehensive about his attention) is that I like this person as a friend and do not want to assume he wants anything more than friendship from me (based on my friendship with Wayne which is completely platonic). I have male friends. It's what I have. I spend more time out with the guys than the girls.

Anyway, I made sure, throughout the film that I sat with my knees pointed away from him and my hands nowhere near holding range (without looking awkward) just in case. He has been emailing fairly constantly since. He asked what I was doing Thursday night (DANGER WILL ROBINSON!!) but thankfully I had a dinner date with Wayne. Friday night he invited me to the Padre game and being that it was opening night and he got the tickets for free, I agreed to go. I mean, who turns down a free baseball game? It's UN-American!

I picked him up so we could go to the trolley station. (best way to get to PetCo Park)He didn't have his shirt on when I got there and insisted on giving my a grand tour of his house. I didn't even really look in his room because honestly? I didn't want to SEE his bedroom. Generally, when a man comes to my house, I close my bedroom door. I consider that a very private area. I have bras and underwear hanging about in there!

He tried to buy my trolley tickets but I stopped him because I still had some from Jury Duty. I learned that riding backwards on the trolley makes me motion sick.

We arrived and found another coworker tailgating. That other coworker now thinks we are dating. Soon it will be all over the company because those guys love their gossip and will assume anything about two single people arriving together.

During the game he kept asking if I was hungry. I refused any food as I was still feeling queasy. He bought me a chicken sandwich anyway and I ate it to be polite. Honestly? this is one of my pet peeves. To me, no means no even if I don't believe it. Especially when food and drink is involved. Him buying me that sandwich told me that he thinks he knows better than I what I want. Yes, I realize he was just being nice.

I prayed they would not stop at us when they panned around trying to find couples for jumbo tron kissing. They didn't.

We left a bit early and caught the trolley to go home. He sat across from me and told me I have a nice voice and he likes to spend time with me. a lot. I didn't get motion sick but I still had a tummy ache.

I pulled up to his home and cheerfully said, "Ok! Get out!" as I would to any other friend. As I drove away, I announced to my belly that I wasn't interested in dating this fellow and it quit aching.

He called yesterday to wish me a happy Easter. I didn't return his call. He emailed me first thing this morning while I was off to the loo, and was in my office when I returned. I said hello but tried not to be too friendly. I made a point to go back to my desk and resume Internet activities. It didn't take him long to finish talking to coworker and pull a chair up to my cave.

He's a nice man so I have to figure out a way to tell him I am not interested without embarrassing him terribly and making it weird to work together.

At least I have figured out how I get myself into these situations.


Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Yeah he's got it bad for you by the sounds of it, let him down easy. :) Good luck with that one! That is a bit awkward, let me know how it goes!

I don't blame you for the trolley sickness, I had that once too when I rode one of those double-decker buses in England!

Rich | Championable said...

Man. I do not envy your social navigation challenges.

Ginamonster said...

Rich, neither do I. I certainly have them, don't I??