Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I think it's past time

to take back over my area. What's the push? We have a doorbell so that I can hear people at the door at my desk behind bookcases. I can't hear people knocking when the plotter is going and often, not at all because the knock so quietly. Yes, the bell is obnoxious. The otehr day, it ran out of batteries.
It occurred to me this morning that the batteries might be here. (coworker orders that stuff)She doesn't want the bell to work.
why am I angry again? because she consistantly rearranges things around here to suit herself when they have been put in place for the better of the department.


Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

The nerve of some people! Grrr, I can't stand that kind of thing!

Buzz said...

Well, she's only taking what she can get. Sure it's selfish, but if she hasn't been corrected then she's just going to keep on doing it.

Time for the foot to come down, with an thorough explanation why, before she gets out of control.

It's fine to blog it out and get it off your chest, but maybe if you make a stand an dbe a good leader she'll fall in line.

good luck,